Tetris für Grosse – Young Designers‘ Mall in Basel steht bereit

Gestern Mittwoch ist die Young Designers‘ Mall auf dem NT Areal in Basel aufgebaut worden. Ein Kran, ein Lastwagen, neun Container und rund ein Dutzend Helfer waren rund zwölf Stunden ununterbrochen an der Arbeit. Die Young Designers‘ Mall steht bereit für die Eröffnung am 4. September. Es mutete wie Tetris im ganz grossen Stil an….

Young Designers‘ Mall presents: Irene Münger, blackpool.ch

Every day, one of the labels participating in YDM is presented here. Today: Irene Münger, blackpool.ch Irene Münger is a fashion designer from Basel. She has won several design prizes and has held a number of international show. Her work is dedicated to good fashion and design. Besides creating her own, she is a fashion…

Young Designers‘ Mall presents: Obst&Gemüse

Every day, one of the labels participating in YDM will be presented here. Today: Obst&Gemüse Obst&Gemüse is a label which is dedicated to the needs of bike messengers. The designed bags are widely used by Basel’s messenger scene. Obst&Gemüse also sells fixed gear bikes and single-speeds, along with other bicycle accessories for the trendy rider….