Basel Riviera – Have A Happy Shopping Holiday

Since 2006, Basel’s design and art neighbourhood has had a heart: it’s Riviera, „Destination für Mode und Verwandtes“. A shop which promotes young and upcoming designers, be it fashion or accessoires, and provides them with an opportunity to sell.

„Too small to be famous, too good not to be discovered“ – that’s the motto of Andrea Otto, founder and keeper of Riviera. She is constantly on the lookout for new and promising fashion design to sell at the shop.

Riviera is a stepping stone. Even smallest collections find their place in Riviera’s assortment – thanks to Shop-in-Shop, square boxes which you can rent and use as an own small shop. The boxes are affordable and being cared for, it’s a perfect opportunity for a start.

So what you find in Riviera is the future’s fashion. Refreshing, innovative, sometimes surprising, but always produced with love and enthusiasm. And you have the opportunity to buy an early work of the fashion designer stars of tomorrow – who knows?

Why Riviera? The shop is located near river Rhine. Riviera stands for holidays, for travelling and happiness. This is what Riviera wants to be: a destination of happiness for shoppers and discoverers. Because shopping should be fun. And at Riviera’s, it truly is.

>> Visit Riviera Basel website

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