boNhoM – Beautiful Losers. The New Brand for People Who Are Proud of What They Are.

They’re young. They’re innovative. And they don’t care about norms. When the three founders of boNhoM decided to start producing their own line, they all still had great paying jobs. But one thing was missing: the feeling to be creating something of their own, something good, something to remember.

So they quit. And started producing their first t-Shirts. They knew from the beginning, that it’d have to be good quality, fair conditions and fair prices. Their first collection included two models, made of fair-trade cotton, created by local designers,  and for sale at a price of 29 Euro. That was in 2007.

By now, the set has grown to 24 pieces and two collections a year. boNhoM shirts are available in a dozen shops in Germany and Switzerland and of course online, too. And still they stick to their principles of production and even more: now the shirts are not only fair-trade and created by local designers but the cotton is organic as well. And every penny they earn by selling, they put back into the business. And that’s exactly where their healthy growth comes from. It’s an idea. And it’s an ideal. Hard to find these days.

They call their shirts „Fashion for Beautiful Losers“. I say if you have the courage to do what the guys of bonhom have done and start living your dream, you’re a winner. To those who know potential when they see it. And all the others – well, who cares?

>> Visit boNhoM’s website here

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