Visual Artist Jens Kull Illuminates Reality

With his piece „Untitled, 2008„, Jens Kull creates another opportunity to see our reality in just a slightly different way. Three screens built into a lightshaft, each one of them representing one of the RGB-scheme basic colours red, green and blue, changing in different rates their colour.

Life in the 21st century happens on screens. Be it computer desktops or large LCD panels, everything revolves around them. Kull takes the smallest constituent of such a screen, a pixel, and zooms into it. Every pixel on a screen has three different states, red, green and blue. The lightshaft installation thus represents one single pixel. The fact that it is placed in a lightshaft through which in normal circumstances passes daylight highlights the replacing of natural light a.k.a. reality by artificial light a.k.a. life in a virtual world.

With this stunning and multilayer piece of art, Kull proves his wit and his ability to look at the world from all angles. Again, he makes the spectator wonder for a moment and places a mirror in front of him. The result is an examination with the self and with the own role in contemporary reality.

The piece was exhibited in the Galeria de Arte Mexicano (GAM). See for a collection of pieces and upcoming events. At the moment, Kull is exhibiting in Skive Kunstmuseum in Denmark.

Untitled 2008 by Jens Kull at Galeria de Arte Moderno, Mexico City
Untitled 2008 by Jens Kull at Galeria de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

Image courtesy of Jens Kull. All rights reserved.

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