Avaaz.org: A Worldwide Democratic Movement For A Better World

There really are people who do something for a better world. Avaaz.org is a worldwide democratic movement by a bunch of people who want to make this world better – not in their sense but in the sense of a majority.

All their articles are based on user voting, and most of them succeed in reaching the public. Once registered, you get every campaign, and I have hardly received one I was not able to support. More than 11 million people have done so too since the beginning in January 2007. Avaaz is available in 13 languages.

„Avaaz“ means „Voice“ in many Asian and European languages. And that’s exactly what Avaaz does. It raises a voice for a better world. Thank you, Avaaz. Great work!

>> Visit avaaz.org
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  1. audrey berend sagt:

    I’d love to see Avaaz help the women in the Congo; the worst place in the world to live. Right now a Canadian company Anvil helped soldiers slaughter residents to clear the land. 5 million people have been killed since 12 years and rape is common. If something can be done to help this nation.. we should step up to the plate. China now has taken over most of the mining, and aren’t helping the problems at all.

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